Friday, January 3, 2014

Monthly Fashion Bible- January

I recently got the chance to go through my grandpa's closet and long story short, I have more flannel than I know what to do with. I really like long flannel shirt because there is so much to do with them! I have gotten into just wear a black tank under one and tying up the front whereas you can tie one around your waist, wear it loose, or tie up the loose ends.
A couple months ago, my favorite cousin, Maggie, gave me a whole ton of shorts. With Winter going on at the moment, it is impractical to wear them bare so I recently have been showing them off with tights underneath! I really like this look because it looks really "rookie" mixed with modern fashion. On top, I normally wear a flannel because I like how my long shirts are like cardigan that is longer than the shorts.
OK OK I sound like every other person at my school but I actually really like Converse at the moment. Unlike other sneakers, these don't look too sporty and can make a more formal outfit look a bit more casual.
Though shoulder length hair is one of my least favorite hairstyles ever, I really love how Taylor Momesen pulled it off with her's curled! It looks so cute and bouncy!
*pictures taken from tumblr

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