Monday, January 13, 2014


I wore black leggings under a pair of black shorts I got from my cousin. On top, I wore a My Chemical Romance "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" tee I got from Hot Topic (God am I punk rock)
I went with a Doctor Who (10th Doctor) tee that Maggie also gave me with a black circle skirt I got from that one time I went to H&M with black tights underneath. For my hair, I put all of it except for my fringe in a ponytail (yes my hair is long enough for that) and then twisted the fringe and clipped it back. I actually felt real pretty that day.
I looked like a serious common white girl with jean shorts that Maggie gave me, red tights, a camisole I bought from Forever21 in sixth grade (though I don't LOVE Forever21 these tank tops are super cheap and last forever) and a long cardigan I bought at my favorite consignment store last year. I then put a silver collar necklace I bought from another consignment store in my town. For makeup, I went simple with just eyeliner and concealer (it may or may not have been since I woke up twenty minutes late).
*I was sick Thursday*
I wore a tank top that said "Pug Life" that I stole from my best friend, Vivi, that she got from Urban Outfitters-I think. Since I was lazy, I put black leggings under it and wore a necklace I bought from a consignment store in my town. 


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