Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thunder Cats Are Go (The "Juno" Soundtrack)

Though I am not a person who usually looks through movie soundtracks, there is just something about Michael Cera movies that the music is always amazing and "Juno" is no exception. The nineteen track album is mostly made up of Kimya Dawson though features Sonic Youth, Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power, and many others. I absolutely love this soundtrack for every song on it is so calm and raw. One of my favorite tracks on it would have to be Kimya Dawson's "Tire Swing" for it was so lighthearted and almost dreamy. Not only is the soundtrack just plain amazing listening to it alone, but along with the movie, it brings so much to it. The songs featured in the film capture the lighthearted yet sad at times feeling it gives off. Every single song has some sort of significance to the movie and show the pain of being stuck in an adult situation when you are so young. I also can't help but be in love with the last track on the album and the last scene in the movie where Juno (Ellen Page) and Paulie (Michael Cera) sit down on the front steps with a guitar singing an adorable cover of Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches. This scene and song was not only an adorable way to end a teenage romance but also such an amazing song for the two of them to sing. It captures the awkwardness and love the two of them have for each other and both Ellen and Michael sang it with the best emotion possible. All in all, the "Juno" soundtrack is probably one of the best collection of songs I have ever heard put together for a film.

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