Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Extra: My Favorite Short Films

Short films are one of my favorite things because unlike long movies, the plot has to be meaningful while still moving quickly and unlike a TV show, you don't have to get committed. I have watched many amazing short films but these four following films would have to be my favorites!

The Forever Train
This eight minute film done by PJ Liguori is brilliant. The plot follows a train that is well...forever and it's weird and wonderful passengers but mainly focuses on an unnamed hero played by Chris Kendall. The entire film is extremely weird in that it just mainly is about Chris trying to get his stolen suitcase back while running into other passengers such as a newspaper couple (played by Dan and Phil), a strange boy who stares into space winding up a jack in the box (Christian Novelli), Becca Hodgekins (Chris Kendall) and many other youtuber cameos. Another reason why "The Forever Train" is one of my favorite is for the production value. You can easily tell a lot of hard work and effort was put into the intricate costumes of the unique characters and the set is absolutely gorgeous.

The Tea Chronicles
Charlie McDonnel's first short film was definitely not a disappointment. Told in eleven minutes, it is literally a horror film about tea. The acting was amazing thanks to such an awesome cast of Charlie, Khyan Mansley, Chis Kendall (yet again), and Jenny Bingham. The special effects were also so well done with the help of extraordinary co directer and cameraman, Ciaran Obrian. Though the entire film was shot in Charlie and Alex's flat at the time, he did an amazing job of disguising the place and making it look much more like where the story should take place. Most scenes were even filmed in the same room and I couldn't even tell until Charlie revealed in a behind the scenes video! Lastly, the music used in "The Tea Chronicles" is extraordinary. Charlie did an amazing job of choosing the perfect tracks for the dramatic and thrilling scenes and kept you on the edge of your seat.
Stray Dog
Before I tell you more about this surreal thirteen minute film, I have to point out that the director and main character, Bertie Gilbert, is sixteen years old. That is only two years older than me! The film follows Miles as he goes through a break up. Everything seems fairly normal up until Miles finds a time machine and brings himself back to the night of the break up. As the scene of the party unfolds, the entire plot only makes sense in the last five minutes of the film. Bertie plays two out of the three characters and you can really see himself in the characters he wrote. The script is written perfectly where is still is depressing and upsetting to see Miles go through this break up but has comedic points. Bertie outdid himself and showed so much potential for his next short film.
Charlie's second (and newest) thirteen minute film is not only hilarious but in a really strange way, relatable. "Offline" takes place in an office building with a pregnant woman (played by Lou Marie Kerr) who is addicted a world of warcraft like website, a young adult applying for college (Hazel Hayes), an arrogant ex boyfriend of Hazel's character (Jake Unsworth), and a man addicted to a fictional app that is described as "Instagram and Snapchat combined with cooking" in which you take pictures of food (Charlie McDonnell). When the internet gets shut off in the building, the office workers treat this situation as the actual end of the world. The movie has many ironic pieces of humor and really makes you laugh at how ridiculous we are in a world in which we are oh so dependent on the internet. 

What were your favorite short films of the year?

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