Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maren (An Interview)

So a couple months ago, Maren of the blog Cyangirrl and I began talking! She is so interesting and lovely that the two of us set up an interview type thing for you guys.
-What made you start your tumblr blog? 
Actually a couple years ago my buddy Noelle was talking about it and she was like you gotta make a tumblr Maren it’s so fun and I was like I don’t know maaaaan but I finally did make one and it was SO CONFUSING at first and my blog was just Beck, weird kitsch and adventure time screenshots.
-Do you see a tumblr blog to be any different from any other blog?
I think it’s way more like spur of the moment or impulsive I guess if that makes any sense like I’m tried getting into blogging on wordpress or blogspot but I just end up overthinking everything I say way too much like if I have some sort of feminist statement to make it’s usually been brought on by something that I hear or that I notice and I’m frustrated by. What I do is very I guess reactionary so I try to get my thoughts out in the most pure and raw form as soon as soon as I can articulate them. tumblr is a good fit for me because I can get my thoughts out in a quick way without worrying about forming paragraphs or not using textspeak type language because of the casual nature of the website. I have so much respect for feminist scholars that put out these beautiful statements with really precise and to the point language but that’s not what I do. I don’t ever really want my tone to be me lecturing someone I feel like my form of education is to put thoughts out in a way more like the reader and myself are sharing a dialogue hence my constant use of run on sentences and 4 instead of for 2 instead of two etc etc I want it to feel natural like that’s the way I actually talk.

-How did you decide that you wanted to dye your hair colors that are so “out there”?
This is actually a really uninteresting explanation. I was 13 and I told my mom I want pink hair and her response was alright cool I’ll get the dye like there was no sort of edgy teen rebellion involved it was just what I felt was just the natural progression of things like oh I’m 13 now I want pretty colors in my hair.

-Do you have an inspiration for your style?
I am and have been inspired by so many people and things throughout the years so I am going to say just like my top few of the last couple weeks like I’ve always consistently been inspired by weird kitschy culture but currently I’m kind of exploring the cyber goth club kid type culture of the late 90’s and kind of taking the fashion like meshy tights, velvety crop tops and platform shoes and using a more comfy punk-ish aesthetic like I really value fashion that seems wild and other worldly but also a sort of tangibility like people can look at it and say I can look like that I can do that so people like Karen o and divine are favorites because they can wear something that’s just so majestic and space age but at the same time it looks very human and sincere like it wasn’t a look born from the mind of some out of touch record exec and prodded at and perfected until it is completely unattainable to the average person. Some other inspirations would definitely be ocean creatures and anything that was worn by Selena Quintanilla.

I really love Maren's style and blog for it is just so her. As I said, Maren is seriously so lovely and you should really check out her blog here

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