Monday, January 27, 2014


I went to the mall wearing a oversized Pink Floyd tee I got thrift, black leggings, and a striped beanie I also got from my favorite thrift store. For jewelry, I wore a bird cage necklace I bought from Pier One in about sixth grade.
*I had no school Monday
I wore an N'Sync tee I got from thrift with hound tooth leggings I got from Annie Sez. I then put on a collar necklace I bought from a consignment store in my town. For my hair, I put it up in a ponytail and left my fringe out.
*There was a snow day on Wednesday
I put on a black tank top with a Bring Me The Horizon cardigan Maggie gave me (she bought it from Hot Topic) on the bottom, I wore black leggings. I then put on my bird cage necklace.
(I forgot to take a picture)
I put on black leggings (I was in a leggings mood this week) with a Buffy The Vampire Slayer tee Maggie Gave me.
I ended up wearing leggings and my Paramore "Grow Up" tee I got for Hannukah (it is from Hot Topic).

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