Wednesday, January 1, 2014

American Girl : The Process

 Hey, Ava here. I am new to the blogging world, so bear with me. I just got my new camera (Canon Rebel T3), and I just did my first photoshoot with an actual person in it. I called it "American Girl". After a few hours of failed shots and Monica (my model) standing outside in 30 degree weather with a sundress on, I have some shots I would like to share.  The meaning of this "photoshoot" was to capture this girl's transition from childhood into being a teenager. This often awkward transition came with stress and insecurity. In the end, though, she realizes she just has to be happy with who she is.  While this theme might be  a bit overdone, it is by far the most work I've put into any photoshoot. It required wardrobe changes, bedsheet changes, and, of course, makeup. I loved the process (it was really rad). But, being that I rarely wear makeup, we failed at the makeup part. Miserably. So, we had to resort to smearing the eyeliner to make it look like she was crying, and to conceal the horribly done eye makeup. Then I wrote P-E-R-F-E-C-T on her forehead for a good message to be sent out, and, and for an extra pop to the photo. The aftermath of the makeup, though, was a disaster. It took 15-30 minutes for Monica to get the eye makeup off, and with the use of showers, Aveeno face wipes, face washes, and sleep, the eye makeup is now completely off. I am eternally glad and grateful I finally let go of iPhonegraphy and got an actual camera to work with. Despite some of the struggles I went through with taking these pictures, I am proud to admit that I am looking forward to many photoshoots to come. Oh, and Happy New Year.

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