Monday, February 3, 2014


I ended wearing my Bring Me The Horizon tank (Hot Topic) along with a pair of red skinny jeans I think I bought from Annie Sez in about sixth grade. On top of it all, I put on a blazer my mom's coworker's mother gave me (she heard of my interest in vintage clothing and gave me a garbage bag full of other gorgeous vintage pieces.)
I wore a floral tank top my cousin, Maggie, gave me with a light blue bandeau I stole from Emma. On bottom, I wore a mustard yellow skirt I bought from Urban Outfitters and black leggings.


I was really lazy on Wednesday so I threw on a "Nightmare Before Christmas" V-neck Maggie also gave me with a pair of black leggings. Also, I realize that when I push my hair back I look like middle aged soccer mom. I was lazy.

I put on a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" tee Maggie gave me with a black H&M skirt. Also, I think my hair looked real cute that day with the extensions.

I wore a flowy purple top Maggie gave me and a pair of black and orange leggings (also Maggie) along with my bird cage necklace.

I put on my Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge tee (Hot Topic) along with the same H&M skirt I wore Thursday with red tights under it.


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