Monday, December 30, 2013


I went to a Dar Williams concert in a short floral dress I got from Nordstrom a couple months ago, red tights I stole out of my mom's dresser, and a beanie I stole from my sister. The show was lovely by the way and Dar is probably one of the most gorgeous people on planet Earth.
I went into New York City to see my uncle and we went to the Museum of Natural History (it is a tradition of our's to go there every Christmas eve). I wore A Pierce The Veil top my friend Nate got me for secret Santa (he is one of my favorite people) that he got from Hot Topic, a pair of Hot Topic Ramones leggings, and a purple flower crown.
Christmas! Though my family is Jewish, we still have a Christmas dinner with a group of friends and my uncle on my dad's side. I ended up going with a tank top I got at my local consignment store that has a panda and says "extinction sucks" with a scarf I got from H&M over it. I then threw a denim shirt I got from my grandpa's closet over it and wore a pair of black leggings on bottom. In my hair, I wore a braided headband I got from Icing.
I didn't put much thought into my outfit because all I did that day was see a couple of my camp friends.
I just threw on a pair of hand me down black jeans (I never wear jeans) and a lightning bolt cat shirt I got from Zumiez.
I completely forgot to take a picture but my mom, sister, and I went to a music store to get a guitar strap for my sister (she is just starting to learn how to play) so I wore a really comfortable Never Shout Never tee I found in the boy's section at my favorite thrift store and black leggings (what would I ever do without black leggings?).

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