Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Diary: Never Have I Felt More Like Tavi

Dear Blob,
Tavi Gevinson
Remember last week when I was frantically looking for writers yet scared to death about "taking my blog to pre-school"? I guess this is the next step. Now How Fitting isn't a blog by Ann Louise. It is a blog created by her. There is a difference. It is seriously the scariest thing ever to realize that your baby isn't really your baby anymore. Emma started Thursday and let me tell you, she did an amazing job but I just had to sit there from the sidelines of my blog and watch her post on the front of the blog. Pride for How Fitting burst inside of me yet I was scared of the future. At that moment right there and then, I have never felt more like my role model, Tavi Gevinson. This girl who was about my age began with a small blog and then just kind of slowly bloomed to the top and expanded into the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life, Rookie. Obviously, Tavi doesn't make this giant website with three articles a day alone! OK OK How Fitting has three people writing (and one editing and running) and Rookie has around sixty but you can understand my point. My biggest Tavi moment this week would have had to be when Emma (our newest member) sent me a draft of her latest post with the subject "My Thingy For The Blog :D"  so I could edit and publish her piece onto How Fitting
Honorary Tavi

. Wait a second. Not only am I a writer but I am en editor. I truly am Tavi Gevinson. Well here we go. Emma's post was published (you can read it here ) and Fiona will be starting by tomorrow which I can't lie. I think I am more excited than her about this. In the end, every blog needs a Tavi Gevinson and I guess that I can at least try and be as fabulous as she is. 
Life Scouts
Since I am the lamest person in the entire world, I earned a single badge this week. 
When I was younger, I used to really be into taking pictures of
mostly stupid things but still pretty cool. God I am lame. 
Play List
This weeks playlist is mostly just made up of a combination of Sleeping With Sirens, Lights, and Pierce The Veil. I also added a single One Direction in honor of their insanely uncomfortable music video and put in "Garbage Truck" from Sex Bob-omg from my favorite movie, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" for I have seen it far too many times this week. 
Sunday Diary 26

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