Monday, July 29, 2013

Emma Blackery: Distance

Here is yet another great bunch of songs by singer and youtuber, Emma Blackery. Only this time, she hasn't just released a single song on her YouTube channel, Emma has come out with a four song EP! The same day the EP was released, Emma had also come out with her music video to the first track, Go The Distance in which she was featured showing off an oh so adorable relationship with a boy who she had just met and already felt adorably close to him. I truly recommend watching the video and guarantee you will "aw" at least once.
The actual EP itself is absolutely amazing. Emma has a way of mastering the whole pop genre while still being able to classify herself as a rock artist. Each and every song was completely original and different from any other artist I have ever heard. I really love how much fun she can be with her songs such as "Lies" and "Go The Distance" yet at the same time, her music is very emotional in "Fear The Future" and her gorgeous hit "The Promise". It was really amazing to hear a song that she sang with only a guitar and her own voice in her bedroom turn into a professionally recorded track. Just that last refrain ended so well with multiple instruments and Emma's voice just shining. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Emma Blackery has one of the best voices I have ever heard. You can definitely match Emma's speaking voice to her singing voice and she just sounds so genuine. Her sound is truly so real. Everything she creates sounds exactly like her and Emma doesn't try and pretend to be a person she isn't in her music. The lyrics are extremely original and sung extremely well. Emma Blackery has seriously out done every single expectation I had of her album and I absolutely look forward to her later music and videos.
Great person, great songs, great album.
Emma's Go The Distance music video

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