Monday, July 29, 2013

Outfits!- Week 2

Here we are again and we're a whole week older! With this being Summer and me being the most antisocial person on Earth, most days were spent in my pajamas doing nothing.
I went for a whole tourist look with my loose fitting green shirt (thrift shop) and my two year old Forever 21 shorts (I will retire them next year). For my face, I went for a whole Marina and the Diamonds look with a small heart drawn in eyeliner right by my temple. Though I did not go out in public or even outside with this outfit on, I just thought it was cute enough to share.
On Thursday, I went very slouchy and sporty for my family and I went to get kittens! I wore my Forever 21 shorts yet again (don't judge me) and a hand me down Yankees sweater that I rolled the sleeves up on.
Abercrombie and Bitch
This one is yet another one that I did not wear in public. Back in May, I went to this god awful consignment store with an old friend. I took aying around with makeup that day and trying to make myself look a little like Carrie Hope Fletcher. advantage of all the five dollar Abercrombie and Fitch shirts and actually got one just so I good take a green sharpie and write a little something else on it.
OK I may or may not have worn the exact pair of shorts... I then paired it up with a black shirt that my Aunt designed and a pair of black wedge heels. For my makeup I just wore my regular brown eyeliner, gold eyeshadow, and Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara. As for hair, I didn't feel like working with it so I just ended up pushing it all back with a purple floral headband I stole from my
sister. I think this day, I truly became the younger look alike of Carrie Hope Fletcher.
Sunday was a trip to Bestbuy to get one of my new babies, my iPhone named Petra (Petra Collins). I went with a button down tie up shirt that I had gotten at a thrift store and a pair of khaki shorts that are also thrift. I then just simply pushed my hair back with a braided headband. Makeup was pretty simple. About the same as yesterday and the day before and probably every single day before that. Though I did curl my lashes so whatever.

p.s I added a cat selfless for your enjoyment with the new kittens.
Me and Stella
Me and Dipper

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  1. Love your green shirt from Wednesday :) so cute! ALMOST as cute as your wee kitten lol! Nice blog!

    Lorraine xx