Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday Diary: Taking Your Blog To Preschool

Dear Blurg,
Ruby Book
Remember when you went to preschool and you were in the care of other people besides your parents? That was kind of how I felt this week. With putting out an offer for other interested writers to join me at How Fitting (Please email me!), I was realizing how exciting yet just plain scary that is. This very blog wouldn't be mine any longer and that is just so weird to think. I am not saying I am regretting putting this week's Friday Extra out. I am super happy about my decision and I wish more people would email me but it is just strange to see my blog "growing up". 
I have had a couple amazing comments and people noticing this very blog. Some of these Twitter responses include: Bridie McDonnell, Bethan Mary Leadley, Sinead (from Peppermint Whiskers), and my favorite so far being, Ruby Book. Yeah Ruby Book my favorite writer for Rookie ever. Read my blog and said she actually went through it and said she really liked it. That was probably one of the best moments of having this blog. Just imagine that person  who not only do you look up to so much not only as a blogger but a person but works at the job of your dreams, telling you she actually liked something you have been working on for so long. It is insane. 
Another "preschool" moment of this blog is whenever I just get a pass by in the hallway from people I have never talked to at my school telling me they actually enjoyed what I have written. For an example, last night when I was checking the How Fitting inbox (for the fourth time guys, please write!), I found about the sweetest email I have gotten so far from a girl at school who I had only one class with and never talked to her (shyness took over for none of my friends were in the class and I just kind of remained silent) saying that she really liked this thing I have been doing for months. Of course I wrote back not one but TWO overly excited emails giving her the link to Rookie and expressing how freaking happy I was. Even though my baby is in preschool, I will never be one of those people who can nonchalantly take compliments. 
Life Scouts
This month of Life Scouts is the last month of 2013! Alex Day has decided on releasing the last 100 badges and kind of making it kind of like nanorimo (without the 50,000 words) and making a mad dash for everyone to get as many badges possible. I went back into some later months and got a couple more leaving my amount badges to sixty! 
Play Guitar
Back at camp, we had to join these "clubs" during the day on different skills. I instantly chose music hoping that it would be just kind of like a chill session of everyone listening to Ipods and sleeping. I was So wrong. We were all began to learn new instruments. I finally got my friend Austin to teach me guitar on a five stringed old beaten up guitar that I had found in one of the closets at camp. Badass guitarist right here. 
Rubix Cube
So I have not ever solved a rubix cube but with the help of my friend, Michael at camp, he kind of sorta taught me somehwat how to solve one of these.
Win A Trophy
I in fact have two trophies. One from playing tee-ball (my best friend Vivi convinced me) in first grade and one from ballet. 
PLay Ukelele
Third camp story! One time when there was nothing else to do, my friend at camp taught me how to play the ukelele and I ended up learning "I'm Your's". Next goal:"This Is Me" by Charlie McDonnell.

In Other News
I guess its time to introduce you to my babe. A.K.A my macbook that I got on Tuesday. So far, she has been decorated in stickers from the Rookie Yearbook 1 and been named "Tavi" after you know who... 

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