Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Future of Beauty Blogging: Lazy Little Me

Clearly, I am rather far from the beauty blogging world. I have self classified my writing as a fashion
Cherry (left) and Emma (Right)
Emma Blackery
and music blogger. As this blog expands into the world of makeup (I have touched a bit on that) and accessories (find out on Friday), I am constantly trying to find some sort of role model for this all new world to me. Most beauty bloggers I have found are just plain gorgeous people and don't exactly need makeup or prepping. These people such as Michelle Phan and Zoella are a little far from ordinary people that we see at school on the streets (nothing against them!). Then came Lazy Little Me. This blog and youtube channel described as "the brainchild of youtube vloggers, Emma Blackery and Cherry Wallis". I am not saying in any way that Emma and Cherry aren't gorgeous girls. They really are. The thing is, they aren't so high fashion and out of your reach kind of people that it is almost unrealistic to even try to look like. This pair of girls are just so relatable and down to Earth that teenage girls sitting in their bedrooms can imagine looking like and wanting to look like. Cherry and Emma are not highly made up people and don't seem to put their selves above anyone else. Just look at the name! In one of Emma's latest videos, she jokes about how her highly dyed hair would look better on the barber's floor and how terribly damaged her locks are. A lot of people (including me) giggle at her self deprivation jokes. We all have our small flaws and not only Emma but Cherry talk about how to work around them and help them. For the rest of the video, Emma gives examples of different products that people with very damaged hair from hair dye can buy. Most of the products and makeup these two girls aren't ridiculously expensive and is something that many teens are able to get their hands on. In a video made by Cherry, she shows off the makeup she wears on a regular basis. It takes a reasonable time to create her look and doesn't give much difficulty. None of the stuff she applies is too crazy but still has a very 
Cherry Wallis
unique look to it.
Both Emma and Cherry are extremely unique and rather edgy looking girls. I mean Cherry has the same color hair as the fruit she is named and Emma has had about every color you could ever think of in her hair! At the moment, she is matching her best friend with flaming red locks that look so rad on her. Cherry and Emma both have have an extremely unique view on beauty that I have not seen in any other beauty blog or youtube channel. The other great part is that there are two people working on Lazy Little Me meaning two different points of view!
Lastly, after every youtube video each of the girls make, they always make a blog post to follow up on the video. So for those who prefer watching videos and those who like to read better can both get their ways (I watch and read). Cherry Wallis and Emma Blackery are just getting started and are already absolutely amazing.
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Lazy Little Me
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