Monday, July 22, 2013

Outfits- Week 1

So as I said about trying to add new things to How Fitting, I have come up with a yet  fashioned based day! So as if you all actually cared, I have decided to start taking pictures of the outfits I have worn throughout the week. As you may be able to see, this week I have only four outfits that are actually not pajamas for the reason that this week has been a serious mush couple of days.
The only thing I actually did on Tuesday was go to the Apple Store to get the reason why I have been in my pajamas every other day. I stole Vivi's Molly Ringwald shirt and put on a pair of jean shorts.
I really cleaned myself up after having spent two days in the same over sized tee shirt and pajama shorts. I put one yet another stolen lace shirt from Vivi, a Forever 21 light pink camisole, and a two year old pair of Forever 21 pair of floral shorts.  I then put an insane amount of product in my hair and my pair of prescription tortoise shell glasses. I felt a little self conscious for even though I need these for reading, I am not fond of wearing them for these glasses bring back some God awful memories of sixth grade.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I spent up until three p.m in my pajamas when my sister walked in and told me I had ten minutes to change before we had to leave. Hence this rather plain outfit.  I am believe these khaki colored shorts come from American Eagle for it says on the tag though I got them at a thrift store. The purple tank I am wearing is Old Navy and the cardigan is actually something my aunt designed. I am absolutely in love with it for it goes with about everything.


Yet another rather simple outfit. The striped shorts I am wearing are from Forever 21 but were originally pink and white. I had gotten a stain on them so my mom and I dyed them a rather brownish so cover it I like it quite a bit. My white tank top is from H&M. For makeup, I wore a whole ton of my favorite eyeshadow "24 Hour Color Tattoo" in gold and put my hair in a side braid.

I Hope you guys like this new feature of How Fitting! 

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