Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Which Ann Makes Excuses

Yeah Yeah I know this must sound like a giant excuse but I have a lot going on right now. No seriously. Ok OK maybe not A LOT but yeah I have some things going on now at the  time and that's why before I move on with this month I guess you need an explanation. I mean how big of an ass would I be if I didn't even give anyone an explanation about what the hell has been going on in The World Of Ann. So maybe consider this being a "scrapbook post" or if you just want to be mean an "Ann Can't Make Up Her Mind" post.
LifeScouts has been a huge deal to me over the past three days that I am home for the reason that Alex is releasing a free for all with the last 100 badges of the year! Due to camp, In also never got to finish Carnival Month.
Crane Badge
This badge implies that I actually did once win a crane game. At my friend's Funplex birthday party, I did actually win a Teddy Bear. On a play until you win game.... I think that took all the pride away from it.
I was actually a ballerina back when I was about five or six. One of the best Ann ballerina moments was the time that at a recital, I ran to the right when everyone else went to the left and I just kind of stood there over at the wing.
Camp Nanorimo
Once I got back from actual camp I was fifteen full days behind all my other cabin mates in Camp Nanorimo. At first I was questioning whether or not it was a good idea to participate but with some encouragement from my other cabin mates, I am almost 5,000 words in and feeling pretty proud of myself. I did lower my word goal down from 50,00 to 30,00 but I'm pretty confident that with my new 30,00 goal I can make it in the next sixteen days I have left.

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