Friday, July 26, 2013

They Tweeted Me: Conversing With Celebrities

Cherry Wallis
Though I have not had major celebrity encounters in real life, I have had a handful on the Internet on the handy website Twitter. Though I mostly use Twitter for my annoying tweets that one or two people look at and for blog updates, my account may or may not have been originally for the purpose of stalking One Direction (I made it in December). Now that I have moved on from that obsession, I will mention celebrities subtly. Maybe if I made a post about Alex Day, I will tag him in the update tweet. Little things like that. So, when I tagged Emma Blackery and Cherry Wallis in my update tweet about my Lazy Little Me, article you can imagine my excitement when Cherry not only told me that she loved it and it made her happy, but she retweeted the post (giving me TONS of reads!). I tried to be cool. I mean I was completely starstruck! So I told Cherry Wallis (eep!) that it really meant a lot to me and as if she hadn't interacted enough with me, she wrote right back saying she liked my writing and what I said about Lazy Little Me was extremely nice. Right there when a girl you look up to so much tells you those words your heart kind of stops and you have to stare at the screen a bit re-reading the entire message.
After experiencing a full put conversation with a girl I absolutely love, a question went through my head that I am not sure I can answer for myself. What do words of people we look up to do to us? Can they impact us more than your friend or your parents telling you that? I have come to the conclusion for myself that the answer is in fact, yes. Don't get me wrong, when I am told that I am pretty by my friend then I really do love it but (back during my One Direction phase) when Danielle Peazer told me that I was her look alike and that I was beautiful, your heart kind of stops. Fangirling thoughts take over your head most of them go a little something like this "OH MY GOD. SHE KNOWS I EXIST! SHE MUST BE MY BEST FRIEND!" yes, the all caps is necessary. That complement mixed with the shock of being recognized creates this sensation of pure joy and craze.
Later that night, I write Cherry a tweet telling her how much it meant to me for her to retweet my blog post and how many views I got. I wasn't expecting anything back from her when my Twitter notifications beeped telling me that Cherry had told me "you're welcome." she even put a smiley face emotion in there. How thoughtful.
I guess celebrities give us a different rush and feeling that just brings a different impact than any other person.
Read Me!
Hey guys! Remember last week when I began talking about getting more writers for How Fitting? Well I am extremely excited to tell you about our two newest members: Fiona and Emma! You guys may of heard of Fiona as my Twitter Twin and one of my closest online buddies. She will be writing on Mondays about films which I have never done here so yay change is fun. We also have one of my best friends (not online) Emma! Emma will be writing makeup and accessory related posts every Thursday. From what we have talked about, I am guessing most of her weekly posts will be more tutorial format even though sometimes, I am guessing some of them will be in the regular blog format. Yay surprises are fun. OK let us just say everything is fun. You may also have noticed our brand new writers page where you can learn a bit more about the lovely people who make this entire blob work which if you haven't seen, you can find at the top of the page or click the link right here

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