Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I know I have said that I cannot stand pop and how it is my least favorite genre and stuff but I think I have found the ultimate exception. Her name: LIGHTS. Think techno mixed with pop but her newest music such as Siberia has become less Top 40 pop that I can not stand but more alternative and rather
You can tell the singer's evolution throughout her four albums and single E.P. In her first self titled album, her voice resembles the singer Ellie Goulding with her mystical and magical tone but as we elevate into "The Lights E.P", we see her music become more and more different and she takes on her own, unique style. You can tell in the intro of the first track "Ice" she still has that mystical vibe to her music but as we hot the chorus line you can tell she has changed. As we then reach up to her album "The Listening" she shows off her voice even more and pushes her vocal range harder. There are more and more belts and high notes that she performs beautifully. Her songs have a bit more of a personal feel to them that people can connect to such as her song "Face Up". The entire track is soulful and you can tell that each lyric was carefully thought out. Now we reach my favorite album, "Siberia" her music has become much more edgy and even has a twinge of techno in it. Songs like "Cactus In the Valley" and "Heavy Rope" stand out by being gorgeous ballads and provides quite a bit of diversity between beats, pace, and tempo. In 2013, Lights released an acoustic album which I must say is one of her best works. her voice is so beautiful and delicate with a soft guitar playing behind it.
Just that voice too. With Lights being Canadian she has this wonderful and just plain interesting accent that stands out between any other pop singer's voice. I highly suggest any of her albums and songs. She is so unique and perfect in every single way.

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