Sunday, June 8, 2014

Change Part 2

   Last week, I discussed change and my issues with it (here). Over these past seven days, things have oddly become different on my issue with things not staying the same. I wouldn't say that I was stuck in a rut for the reason that that is overly dramatic, but I think it is appropriate to say I have been bored. My daily schedule excludes anything out of the ordinary and I mainly do the same thing every day. My hair has been the same since October (OK maybe it grew a bit...) and my wardrobe is filled with only one color (In other words, I own too much black!). I've grown to this stability but sometimes, I do need change. And so I acted on it. This weekend, not only did leave I the red streaks for dark brown hair with blonde, but How Fitting has changed in appearance!
(new hair!)
   I guess what I'm trying to say that maybe change isn't as bad as I psych my brain out to be. That doesn't mean I'm not still anxious or worried about the future because believe me, I am. I don't want my friend group and I to grow apart and I'm still extraordinarily nervous about what and where I will be next year but that doesn't mean that I have to close myself out to hating all change that happens. Change is something essential in life and though I am usually uneasy about transformation and development, I can't live with fingers crossed that everything will stay the same.


  1. Sometimes change can really suck or it can be for the better! I hope things work out for you in the end. and omfg you haiiiiiiir its so niiiiiiice!! :) :) Change is verrry good in this case lol I love the new wallpaper!
    xx Amelia