Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Inside Ann's Box (Vol. 3)

   This post has been done twice already- once in what used to be my room  and for the second time when I first moved up to the attic of my house. Since then, I continue to live on the third floor but my bedroom has gone through some changes to make it look slightly cooler and I wanted to show that off to you guys. I realize these pictures suck and I really wish they could do my room better justice because to be honest, this space is on the top five things I am proud of and in real life, it looks pretty awesome.
   I guess we'll start off with the corner-y part of my room where there are two bungee chairs, an air conditioner with a painting of a park on top (wow! So exciting!), my magazine shelf, and drawer thing.
I usually have the chairs folded up but on the rare occasion that I have friends over, they come out.

I used to have a box that held my rather obsessive collection of magazines but I have moved them all to the set of shelves and organized them by type, topic, and size. 

My drawers are on top of the magazine shelf and basically hold all the random shit in my room including stickers, weird pencils, and some other stuff I really don't need but refuse to throw out. On top, I have my box collection (yet another thing I refuse to throw out), a Justin Bieber clock that was a birthday present in sixth grade but now own ironically, and some figurines. 
I have titled this as "the Gubler wall" in which I basically took all the pictures from Matthew Gray Gubler's spread in Glamour and made a shrine. It provides me a great deal of happiness.
The top of my bookshelf is dedicated to my Rookie shrine with my Yearbook One, a candle, a flower crown, a really pretty shoe, my ukulele speaker (I didn't know where else to put it), and the tickets I saw Tavi with. 

 Next to the corner space, I have my bookshelf and Ikea boxes. Inside the book shelf, I have five compartments dedicated to actual books along with my cassette player (and basket of cassettes), shimmery heels I wore to my bat mitzvah party and will never wear again, and my toolbox full of hair appliances. 

On the top white box to the right, I have all my collaging stuff and under it, holds my stuffed animals (another thing I really don't need in here but refuse to get rid of). The boxes to the left contain accessories (top) and art supplies (bottom). On top of both boxes are trophies Vivi got from thrift stores then gave to me along with flower crowns I made and on the left, there is a picture me and my friends took at a bar mitzvah because it's really cute and I love them loads.

Next to the boxes and bookshelf is my dresser. I have two containers to hold clothing in but this one is the main one that holds all the stuff I wear on a regular basis (shirts, bottoms, the usual)

On top of my dresser is two mirrors, my jewelry box, a cat ceramic I made last year in art (I have a problem with throwing things away, OK?), and a broken camera that I have for some reason.

This is the door to my closet. On it, I have four pieces I made and a couple things I cut out from magazines. 
On top of my closet door is the still in progress Hayley Williams shrine. 

Here's the door to my bedroom which I have decorated with band posters, my ukulele case, a backpack, and my cardigan and purse hanging on a hook next to it. 
Here's the right wall space. I have my vanity, shoe collection, second dresser, and flower crown making stuff and extra cosmetics (below the vanity) here 

My vanity is perfectly organized for how I need it with all my hair bottles, daily cosmetics in a bag to the right, and about everything else I need to get ready. I do my makeup in the full length mirror that is located to the right. 

Here's my band shrine made out of an Adventure Time poster and clippings of Alternative Press. I wish I could do this wall better justice in the picture because it looks pretty freaking cool in person.

My second dresser is mainly for the purpose of things I don't wear that often (skirts, dresses, cardigans, a drawer made up of flannels...) with the exception of my band shirt drawer. There's also dinosaurs on it. DINOSAURS.

The top drawer of the dresser is also made up of my hair vitamins and accessories.
The top of my dresser is complete with the Cody Simpson doll Maggie bought me, a DIY Ouija board, my two collage books, scented candles, and some flower crowns I didn't know where to put.
Here is the corner where all my ukuleles are next to my bed because I never bothered to get ukulele stands like I said I would however many months ago. I have my concert, soprano, and baritone all here.

Aaand there's the bed. Since my room is rather small, I could only fit a tiny bed here but kept the huge blanket from my old room downstairs.

Next to my bed is my small nightstand.

The top is complete with a painting of ducks, an A made out of old books my friend gave me, a jar, a scented candle, a wind up piano, and a mini tea pot. 
Here's the wall next to my window and nightstand- I'm considering redoing the collage here because it isn't all that well done since I was in a rush to finish it last summer.

Wow!!! It's a window!!! I basically have two fake flowers in bottles here and three candles because I wanted the sill to look pretty while still being able to open the window.

I couldn't find a way to capture the beauty of the back wall so I put in a picture from like September (top) and then just to show you guys the minor changes I made including adding a banner that says "Feliz Cumpleanos" and a paper chain, here's a picture.

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