Sunday, June 29, 2014

It Was Beautifully Depressing

   The past couple days have flown by so quickly I feel whiplash. My middle school life ended with more of a fizzle than a bang as the dinner dance came on Tuesday and then all of a sudden I was ejected into graduation where I was sleep deprived, sniffly, and couldn't get a grip on the fact that this was reality.
   Though I would absolutely love to bash the eighth grade dinner dance because I'm angsty teen who is incapable of appreciating anything, I actually had quite a nice time. One of my best friends, John, and I went as dates or "secret lovers" as I joked and a couple hours before, Emma, Sophia, Samantha, and I all got together at Emma's and prepped which included me throwing on my dress, applying makeup, and then spending the next hour snuggling with Emma's cat. John and Emma's boyfriend, Eli, then came over and we proceeded to take about a million pictures where I either looked super pissed or just downright stupid. The actual night was filled with a ton of dancing where I was super grateful I wore my Doc Martens instead of heels!
(left to right) Emma, Sam, Sophia, and me

(left to right) Eli, Emma, Samantha, Sophia, me, and John

My favorite picture from the night- John and I look tré cute.

   Graduation was a complete blur. For starters, I was extraordinarily sleep deprived from the dinner dance and going to New York City on Monday so I was running on low energy and everything was rather slow and sluggish for me but I walked down the aisle of my middle school gym, sat down, and looked pretty for an hour before going home and crashing. One thing that actually made me grateful for going to the tedious ceremony was the sense of community I felt. I never really realized how many people I really do like at my school up until I realized many of us won't be talking to each other very often next year. I had a pretty surreal conversation with my ex-best friend inside Starbucks afterwards and though both of us are extremely different people, it was nice to catch up with her since I plan on the two of us not having much interaction next year. 
   As great as the dinner dance and that A+ nap I took on graduation day, nothing beats that first real day of Summer vacation. At around five, John, Emma, Samantha, Eli, and I all met up at a park in my town and had a pretty rad picnic consisting of a "brownie cake" by me (aka I made brownies and they all crumbled together), Pasta thanks to John, red velvet cupcakes that got flipped upside down made by Sam, fruit, and Thin Mints both provided by Emma and Eli. After laying down on the hill and eating, we packed up and began to explore the creek by the park. Emma and I basically followed along as the guys and Sam led us down to "the dark dark cave" which we decided not to explore in the end for no one wanted to ruin their shoes.
Our lovely picnic (featuring that A+ brownie cake)

View of the beginning of the creek. 
Eli explaining how to get out using the rocks on the side (this caused a lot of drama for me since I wasn't able to get myself out).
Samantha and John stepping on the rocks.

   The night ended at my house where the five of us curled up on the floor of my bedroom and talked. Eli then insisted going on the roof right outside the room and John followed along as Sam, Emma, and I just watched the gorgeous scene.
John on the roof.

   Things have been going quite fast and it's seriously hard to believe that summer has finally come because to be honest, I'm not really sure how I feel about it.


  1. I went to my brother's graduation last friday (he graduated from the school I also have gone to) and I also felt reallt great sense of community like you described. You and your friends all look lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah graduation was a pretty great moment and I will make sure to tell my friends about what you said