Sunday, June 22, 2014

Youth Without Youth

    I'm not usually the person who enjoys being with others. I mainly push anyone away who wants to hang out and would much rather spend a day in my bedroom, alone, than out with friends. To sum it up, I'm a giant introvert. But Wednesday was just one of those exceptions.
   I'm sitting on the floor next to Sophia and John in his bedroom. Sam is up on a chair and Eli and Emma are laying down on a twin bed John converted into a couch. "Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire" is playing and Emma and I discuss the beauty of the Weasley family as Sophia whines about how we're talking too loud she can't concentrate. Eli thinks it's funny to criticize the entire thing for it gets all of us (with the exception of John since he's never read the books) angry as he laughs about something no one cares about. The entire scene is just so calm and nice and makes me feel like everything is fine because it really is.
   Later on, John begins playing Grimes records as I go through his collection and muse about why Blue  by Joni Mitchell is a must listen though I am aware that no one is convinced. We choreograph some ridiculous dance and discuss the dinner dance which is in only a week (I'm going with John as friends or as I like to joke, "secret lovers") and I realize that people can actually be good company.
(Left to right) Sophia, Samantha, Emma, and Eli

Sam, Emma, John, and Eli on the steps outside Sophia's house

"make a serious face"

I continue to think this is cutest picture I've taken of my friends
John's bedroom

"pretend your on the cover of an indie album" (taken by John)

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  1. I understand the feeling of wanting to be alone, although others want to spend time with you, so well. It's nice to see that sometimes getting together can be really fun!
    Sophia's shirt is awesome btw.