Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Consent" by Jack and Dean

    I have been a huge fan girl of British YouTube duo, Jack and Dean (aka omfgit'sjackanddean), for years now. I mean how could you not love them? They are funny, witty, and smart guys who create awesome content and this weekend, they made me a million times more proud to be their fan with a song based off of what we need to talk more about in the music industry- consent. Before I go into the awesomeness of this said video, I believe it would be helpful to give a background for those who are unaware of not only Jack and Dean are but also the events that happened not so long ago with the YouTube community. Consent and sexual abuse have been very popular topics on YouTube right now with thousands and creators and vloggers discussing their point of view not only on Alex Day and that group of douches (if you want more detail on that, click here) but what the word means and how we as a community need to end sexism and make not only the website a safer place, but everywhere. Jack and Dean have both talked about sexual abuse in previous videos but only touched on the subject and barely got in depth or discussed the popular topic which I at first was disappointed in especially since Jack Howard was so close to Alex Day and felt as though they could really move their large audience.
   Moving onto the actual video, there is so many things perfect with it. First, it's fun. Having a serious talking video would not have been them. Not to say that Jack and Dean aren't smart people or don't know when to stop joking, but the way they brought up such an important topic was in their style and you could tell they put tons of effort into it (they'd been working on it since January). Also, though it was a very fun and upbeat song, they discussed some vital things we need to change and how consent actually works. The topic of sexual abuse is extremely heavy stuff and like a lot of other YouTubers in Jack and Dean's genre, their audience ranges from twelve years olds to older teenagers therefor it must have been harder to create something with such a serious and significant message. The guys approached the it in a fun, witty, and creative way. I mean they wrote a pop song about consent, like how cool is that!
   Overall the video was entertaining and informational with hilarious dancing, a guitar solo, and great lyrics such as
"turn a new page from the sexist rage. It just shouldn't happen in this day and age."
"One of them decided to change their mind and just to clarify that's completely fine."
that really explains what consent is, how it works, and why it is essential. Let's also not forget the catchy chorus ("This guy wants you but only with your consent!"). The entire video really showed that Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs aren't just the silly guys who make sketches but people who can really bring a message across in a creative and lively way.

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