Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo 2014


   It's almost here! Finally, Camp Nanowrimo has been opened up for their 2014 July writing spree and I am more than excited to get started. I know I discussed this last year (here) but for those who aren't familiar with Camp Nanowrimo, it is in which thousands of writers come to together and spend their July writing a 50,000 word novel with only 31 days to complete it (so basically regular Nanowrimo just not in November). Though I loved participating in November, I believe Camp Nanowrimo is a much better experience. For starters, it's in the summer therefor I have so much more time to write and getting 1,650 words into my novel a day is much more pleasurable since there isn't much more responsibility to get to during the day. The cabins are also rad. Every year, writers are put into a "cabin" of eleven other writers that they get to chat and share tips with. Last year was a bit disappointing since only three of us actually participated but I was super lucky to have them in my cabin since they were such cool guys! We had some awesome discussions throughout the month and I loved getting to know them since they were such interesting people. 
   Now onto the part that I'm not so excited about. Writing. For 2013 Camp Nanowrimo, I was so prepped and ready that this year, I seem almost unprepared. My novel follows a teenager named Charlie and the complex relationship he falls into with a girl he met on the internet who calls herself Cobain Riley. I'm thinking about writing a dual point of view kind of thing so readers can get a view of what Cobain is like. In addition, I want to add bits and pieces of the conversations they have through text. I'm a little afraid to get to writing since this entire thing seems a little thrown together but I'll just go with it.
    All in all, with eighteen days until the real writing begins and six days before I get to meet all my lovely cabin mates, I am beyond excited for yet another great year of Camp Nanowrimo!

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  1. Woaaaah a writing camp? that sounds so flippin awesome. Your story idea sounds really cool especially your idea of including multiple narratives. Heheh when you mentioned Charlie i couldnt stop thinking of Charlie McDonnell cute boyish smile *sigh*. Im trying to write a a lil on my own just a some poems,songs, and sketch ideas. Wish you the best! :) Hope you have fun.