Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Extra: In Which Ann Brags About Her Novel

Yes indeed I am writing a 50,000 word novel! This Summer, I am ecstatic to be working with Camp Nanorimo in writing my very first 50,000 word teen romance book. Before I go into detail of my own story, I guess I should do a little explaining. Nanorimo is an organization of people who during November basically put a pause to their lives and write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. This Summer however, they will be running another program called "Camp Nanorimo" in which writers will be spending their Summers trying to complete a novel during the month of July. I was heartbroken to find that I would be at actual camp during most of July but I am willing to stretch myself out into writing this book in the last couple weeks that I'm back.

Now onto my novel. Anyone ever heard of the song "Saskia Hamilton" by Ben Folds and Nick Horby? Could you guess where the idea was sparked? My biggest inspiration for my upcoming piece of writing was the narrator of the song. This young poetry nerd is such a perfect character and has so much potential to grow that I couldn't help but instantly fall in love with him. A couple weeks and a ton of brainstorming later, this boy is fifteen years old, has a group of the most interesting nerd friends I could think up, a billion letters to Saskia and a name: Colby Marks. I could seriously talk for hours about all the possibilities and twists and turns this book could include.  At the moment the plot is leading to my main character sort of guiding his way through life with his crazy group of friends and just having him fall in love with the Saskia he has created for himself. Like the song goes, the character is not exactly sure what she looks like or who she is really except for the fact that she is a poet. I want to create a fantasy between a nerd and a woman with an extraordinary name.
The thing I am most excited for is how the entire novel will be written. I am planning on making the entire book be written in letters Colby has written to his fantasy of Saskia Hamilton that he keeps in his notebook. I find that this will paint a more mental picture of the Saskia fantasy he is living in and will stress how much Colby feels that she can understand him. With both Saskia and Colby being poets and great poetry lovers, poetry will be a definite theme in the book and I am positive that there will be a number of poems in the book some taken from other poets and some written by me.
In the end, I am shaking with excitement to start writing The Year I Fell In Love With Saskia Hamilton. I am also thrilled to be informing you that I got my cabin mates yesterday! The feature that I am most excited for this year are these writing buddies that we will be given to help each other through the insanity of writing a book. Each of these six writers are so unique and interesting but I have taken up a liking for seventeen year old Sky who is a nerdfighter (you could imagine how we clicked) and my fifteen year old cabin mate who goes by the nickname "monkey typwriter" for his profile made me laugh so hard how well he made fun of himself. With my entire cabin being mostly older teenagers, I am indeed the youngest which I absolutely love how none of them give a shit about the age difference and treat me just as equal as the others. Even though I have only known these writers for a day and half, I can tell these people are pretty rad. Maybe this Summer will decrease world suck.
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p.s I would like to inform you all that I am the single follower of the "Ministry of Magic play list on spotify by Allison Ott. You guys are missing out on a seriously amazing collection of songs by the Harry Potter rock band. 
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