Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Diary: I like

The three of us are sitting in the corner of my bedroom. Our only light source are the multi colored fairy lights hanging off one of my walls and the glow of my laptop as I squint to read chords as Frannie and Emma pull it away from me to see lyrics. My ukulele is on my lap and I'm strumming quickly as my head bobs back and forth and my voice is mixing in with Emma and Frannie's. The three of us are singing Home or Little Talks or Vienna or some other song that was a compromise with our very diverse music tastes. I don't even exactly care what I'm belting out for I am lost in the moment. The fact that my singing is horrid and I have no idea what the hell the beat is doesn't seem to matter. We originally started out trying to assign parts of who sings when but it has gotten to the point in which we have decided to go with "sing when you feel the vibe". I constantly have to pause strumming for the ridiculously large homemade flower crown on my head is slipping off and Frannie laughs at how "chill" (as she says) we look with the headbands I made for all three of us. I like this moment. I like singing and I like my bedroom and I like the ukulele on my lap. Most of all, not only do I like Frannie and Emma, I love them.

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