Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best Albums Of The Year (2013)

Save Rock And Roll-Fall Out Boy
After a four year hiatus, the punk pop band came right back with their single "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" and came out with the eleven track album, "Save Rock And Roll". By listening to this album, you can really see the changes the band went through compared to their last album, "Folie A Deux". They sound much more pop than before and though I am not a big fan of the genre, it really flatters the band. "Save Rock And Roll" also features artists such as Courtney Love, Foxes!, Big Sean, and Elton John that really add a lot to the tracks.
Organs-Tom Milsom
Tom's sixth album was no disappointment. After releasing his "Take Me Out" EP, Tom didn't stop there for 2013. In July, the mystical and thought provoking music video for "Pipes" was put up onto his YouTube channel with the announcement that a full album titled "Organs" would be released in the Fall. Though this album can clearly be identified as Tom Milsom's work, you can really tell that the British psychedelia singer pushes his boundaries with this new album.
Epigrams And Interludes-Alex Day
Though it is arguable that "Epigrams and Interludes" is more of a compilation of songs than an actual album, in my book, it counts.  This twenty track album is really unique from anything any artist I have seen has ever come out with for not only does it feature seven new songs (I've Got What It Takes, Here Comes Trouble, Oh No I'm In Love, Jack and Coke, Wish Is For You, Losing A Future, and Wannabe a Star) but also features his four greatest hits (Stupid Stupid, She Walks Right Through Me, Lady Godiva, and Forever Yours). On top of all that, Alex collected all the songs he has collaborated with someone and produced for people such as Carrie Hope Fletcher, Bryarly Bishop, Tom Milsom and many more.
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!-Panic! At The Disco
Brendan Urie, Spencer Smith, and Dallon Weekes or as you may know them, Panic! At The Disco finally released this album in the fall! Though I have always really liked this band, I have to say this is probably their best album yet (well aside from the first). Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! has amazing variety of styles from powerful songs such as "This Is Gospel" to rather creepy songs like "Casual Affair"
Just like Fall Out Boy, Panic has gone through many different changes (and band members) and after all this, the band has come out with an amazing finished product for their comeback.

Sunflower-Never Shout Never
Never Shout Never's newest album can be described in one word as "chill". Unlike a lot of the other albums this band has released, Sunflower isn't as chimy and even has a bits and pieces of psychedelia. There tons and tons of harmonies and acoustic guitar featured on "Sunflower".
Paramore (Self Titled)
I am a pretty huge fan of Paramore and was rather sad when the band lost two of its members thinking, their quality would die. God was wrong. The band has gotten much stronger since becoming a three piece! This self titled album could most likely be the best put together album of the year not only how the variety of styles of songs are placed throughout the album but also the interludes used. Paramore has never used ukulele in any of their songs and making three (short) songs to put on their album seemed like a rather weird thing for them to do. I can honestly say, putting Moving On, I'm Not Angry Anymore (my favorite song by them ever), and Holiday was an amazing decision. The three interludes are so raw and pretty and just my God I loved them.
Sempiternal-Bring Me The Horizon 
After releasing the ten track compilation, "Count Your Blessings", I was pretty surprised when the hardcore punk band came out with "Sempiternal". The album has a load of electric guitar which I find they used rather well in their music and though I am not a big fan of techno at all, their usage of it in the first track, "Can You Feel My Heart", really made the song more intense and beautiful.
Girl Talk-Kate Nash
Kate Nash came back with yet another unique collection of songs this year! Though there is no actual description in which the album is titled "Girl Talk" I interpret the reasoning behind it is for in about every track on the album, Kate's lyrics look like something written by a teenager. Not in the sense that it is bad quality, but just the view point. I mean the sixth track is in fact, titled "OMYGOD". Kate's voice is extraordinarily beautiful and really blew me away with this album. She put so much power and emotion into the songs features and I was really able to relate to what she was singing about.

Siberia (Acoustic)-Lights
I absolutely loved the songs on Light's 2011 Siberia and once she came back this year with an acoustic version of the album, I was amazed. Though her voice is already gorgeous on her other three albums, I was blown away by how raw and beautiful her voice is in Siberia Acoustic. She had so much personality in these versions of her songs (not that she didn't in the originals) and I absolutely loved how she added the verse in French (she grew up in Canada).
We'll Fall Together-Austin Jones
My favorite part of Austin Jones is his connection with his fans. When I bought his latest album, We'll Fall Together, and tweeted him telling him that I loved it, he personally thanked me. All of the songs on this album have a personal backstory to why he wrote it. Austin's entire music career is impressive all together too. I mean he has a fairly large fan base without the help of a record label, agent, or manager!
Happy new year!

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