Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pulp Girls

OK OK as if I needed to get obsessed with another online shopping website, I have a serious love for The Pulp Girls. One of my favorite parts of this online store is that it is less than a shopping site and more of a community. This store is actually connected to one of my favorite online magazines The Pulp Zine! The Pulp Girls sells about everything from vests to crowns and everything is extremely unique and well designed. Another rad feature about the website is that though most of the clothing and accessories they sell look very vintage, some of the stuff actually is one of a kind vintage! The prices they put on their clothing is also extremely reasonable for what they are selling and though some things are a little expensive seeming, it is mostly because the product is handmade. The clothing are the kind of pieces that you must get your hands on they are so adorable! Though the products are extremely rad, my favorite part are the models. THEY LOOK LIKE ACTUALLY PEOPLE! The girls wearing these outfits on the website are beautiful but look like a woman you'd run into at the supermarket. They aren't heavily made up and don't need to be for they let their natural beauty shine.
Some of my favorite things on the website:
The Pulp Crowns are adorable! I would probably wear this everywhere and just show off how perfect it is.

Not only is the color of this dress SO cute (I love mint and pink) but the shape of it has a really retro feel to it. Also, there is a big pink bow in the back! And how could you forget the awesome flower crown the model is wearing?

I really love this jacket for it looks pretty normal in the front but pure awesome in the back! It is hand bleached and illustrated so provides a personal feel to it and is a serious Pulp original.

Can we talk about how awesome the model looks? I mean that right there must be a bitch face (Tavi reference) if it isn't already! Though this romper is extremely summery, I absolutely love the fabric!

Queens of the night badges. It has Morticia Adams on it. Need I say more?

I seriously want to put these Spooky Doll stickers all over everything.
Ryan Gosling badges? Yes please.
I fell in love with this bubblegum frill dress.

Not only is this picture just perfect, but that crop top could go with SO much and is super cute!

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