Monday, December 2, 2013


I wore a Pink Floyd shirt I got from my favorite thrift store, a bandage skirt my cousin gave me, and black tights. My hair has gotten long enough that I out half of it into a bun behind my head to give it a whole "shaved off half" look.
I went with a cropped top my cousin gave me (the tag says Forever21), a Target black tank, and a pair of red skinny jeans I got from Annie Sez in like 6th grade.
Wednesday was a half day so in my book, it is just another way of saying "no need to try and look good for you'll only be with these people for four hours". I took a shower that morning (my hair dried naturally) and threw on a Buffy shirt Maggie gave me with black leggings.
Thanksgiving! I got a terrible haircut so I put a beanie over it all and wore a sheer top with a Peter Pan collar that Maggie gave me with black leggings.
I didn't do much aside from go see my friends, Jules and Steven, so I just threw on a cropped top I got hand me down from Maggie and black leggings (there is a serious pattern here).


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