Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best Outfits Of 2013

With the year coming to a close oh so soon, what better time to reflect on some of the most fabulous outfits of the year?
Hayley Williams
When Paramore performed at the Teen Awards, Hayley looked gorgeous in a checkered crop top and matching circle skirt. I really adore this outfit for not only was it so Hayley, but looked great on her as she went wild, dancing across the stage. If I had that great a body, I would definitely wear something like this.

Tavi Gevinson
For the young blogger's first Hollywood movie, she was more than ready with beautiful dresses to wear to events. The black dress to the left is the one that she wore to the Toronto premiere of "Enough Said". I thought this dress was great for her for though it showed bits of youth with the flowyness and the bow in the back, it was also sophisticated enough for a seventeen year old to look professional and show that she was not a little girl anymore. The dress to the right, was what she wore to the American premiere. I think this was a great choice for it is so sleek and sophisticated but has an edge to it with the red stripes on the sides. Also, can we talk about how grown up and beautiful (not that she isn't always gorgeous) Tavi looks? Bitch facing at its best!
Source right picture

Carrie Hope Fletcher
At an event, Carrie looked absolutely adorable in a purple velvet corset, blue jeans, and cat ears on top of her huge curls. To start off, look at her top! I am in love with corsets of about any kind and Carrie absolutely rocked this one. I also like how she paired such a elegant top off with a casual pair of jeans for it toned the formality of her top down. And how could you forget her cat headband? She looks straight out one of her YouTube videos!

Juliet Simms
Previous lead singer of Automatic Love letter, looked absolutely gorgeous at 2013 Warped tour in a floral cropped top, large hoop earrings, light wash jeans, and a black beanie. I really admire Juliet for taking such a big risk on cutting off her long blond locks and getting a pixie cut. Warped Tour is also known as "the punk event" so I adore how she took such a feminine and delicate looking top and paired it up with an edgy beanie and jewelry

Kate Nash
Kate has been known for her vintage looking sense in style and what she wore to her show at The Black Cat in Washington DC was no exception. Kate Nash's outfit looked slightly casual in a way (I could wear that to school) yet she dressed the look up with a statement necklace, glittery belt, and red lipstick. She looked so fun and the skirt was short enough for her to dance comfortably around the stage.

Emily Haines

When Metric opened up for Paramore at Madison Square Garden in November, I was blown away with Emily's full on glitter outfit! The silver blazer and high rise shorts were especially beautiful in the dark area of Madison Square. She glittered everywhere she went!


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