Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monthly Fashion Bible: December

December finally! Though it is snowing and oh so cold, December has its perks with fashion.

I realize how unoriginal it is to say that I am in love with sweaters, but I can't help but love them! Fuzzy sweaters aren't only comfy and cozy, but can go with a whole lot of things! The other great thing about sweaters is that they come in all sorts of different shapes and materials. Some of my favorites would be cropped sweaters (pictured left) heavy fabric ones that are adorable with a button down underneath (pictured right), and light weight ones with cute designs on them.

Though I am not usually seen wearing short skirts, I have really fallen in love with circle and suspender skirts. The great thing with these type of skirts is that they look great with about anything. Heavy sweaters, tee shirts, crop tops, you name it. My favorite combination is a circle or suspender skirt with a heavy, over sized, sweater draped over it. I really like circle skirts a whole lot too for they come in so many different fabrics and lengths. My friend, Frannie has a really awesome velvet circle one (shown to the left) and I found the cutest, leather skirt with lightning bolts on Tumblr (right)! Same thing with suspender skirts. One of my favorite types was a black one with lace and buttons going down it that I also found on Tumblr. I personally, would wear heavy tights (depending on how thin the fabric of the skirt is) or knee socks to create a sweet preppy look.

I talked about these a couple months ago, but I figured they were all too awesome not to mention again. As you guys may know, I have a serious love for combat boots and when I saw a pair of jelly combats, it was instant love. I have a pair of them myself and as pretty as floral looks, I really prefer the clear kind. These shoes are comfortable and pretty sturdy for walking long distances (I walk half an hour to school in them) and can double as awesome rain boots! One downside to jelly shoes is how much you sweat in them. When I went to see Paramore, after dancing for about fifteen minutes, my feet began to sweat like crazy. Other than that, I am in love with these shoes and would definitely recommend them for this month.
I recently got my hair cut even shorter and at first, I hated it for I could barely do anything with it. After seeing Hayley Williams on the cover of Bust Magazine, that changed. Hayley's curls are so short and bouncy which really compliment her face shape. I also love this hair style for you can wear them to school in your regular clothing as a more casual look or make them extremely elegant and fancy for a special occasion. I am also going to point out how not only was Hayley on the cover of this magazine but there is an article about Tavi Gevinson inside!

Happy December!
*All photos aside from the boot ones, are taken from Tumblr*

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