Monday, December 23, 2013


I wore a long denim shirt my mom's best friend, Gretchen, made for her in collage. It has my mom's initials (JMW) on the front and a rainbow embroidered on the back. Since I was extraordinarily lazy, I just wore a Forever21 (when I used to shop there) tank top and black leggings. In my hair, I wore a flower crown I made over the weekend.
I wore a black tank top under a tribal print bandage skirt (it rid up so much in this picture!) that my cousin, Maggie, gave me and a long sleeve, denim, shirt I found in my grandpa's closet. I then wore yet another headband that I made out of fake leaves and beads.

I ended up wearing black leggings, a black tank top, and a very Hawaiian looking shirt that my mom's co worker's mom used to wear when she was a teenager. I looked really horrible in every picture I took but I wore a yellow flower crown in my hair.
I wore a black tank top and leggings (wow what a surprise) with a mustard colored skirt I got from Urban Outfitters along with a flannel I also got from my grandfather. Please excuse my terrible facial expression, but I took a chunk of my front hair and braided it into the back.
I forgot to take a picture but I wore a circle skirt my cousin gave me, a white tank top, grey tights, and a really ugly cardigan with snow men on it that Viv left at my house (I wore it ironically).

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