Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Extra: Holiday Gift Guide!

Last minute gift shopping? Here are some ideas for any type of person!
After collaging my walls, I had to put my work somewhere else so I went to compositional collaging in my collage book. You can find a blank notebook or sketch book at about any craft store. If you want to be extra thoughtful, pick up some magazines to get them started!
Cosmetic Loving
If you are looking for a cheap present for someone who loves makeup, go for the holiday packs of lip glosses such as EOS and lip smackers! OK OK Lipsmackers is a bit of a throwback to fifth grade but who can resist peppermint scented chap stick? A lot of holiday makeup packs come in really adorable packaging that is great for gifting! I found a wide variety of sets at Target though I am almost positive they sell sets like these at your local drug store.
Fashion Loving
Bangles are a great gift because this gives the person a chance to start a collection of them. I really love Alex and Ani because they have such a wide variety of styles for all sorts of fashion senses and personalities.
Music Loving
If this said person likes listening to music, I would seriously suggest an iTunes gift card if you are looking for a cheap and quick gift. This gives your loved one a chance to download all the new music that will be released in 2014! If you looking into being real generous (by generous I mean THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD), and this said person likes pop punk (and other genres), Warped Tour 2014 tickets (or any other concert tickets just that Warped is amazing) are a great idea for it gives the gift receiver something to look forward to. If your shopping for someone who enjoys making music, buying them a ukulele is a huge suggestion of mine. Learning ukulele is fairly simple and extremely fun. Also you can get one extremely cheap (it may not be very high quality). If you want to spend a little more and be awesome, I recommend shopping at The Ukulele Workshop they sell beautiful decorative ukes from dinosaurs to flowers. My favorite one is their pin up girl one (shown right). The ukuleles they use as bases are extremely high quality and sound great too!
Book Loving
If the person you are shopping for loves reading, I would recommend the Divergent series. The books are going to be released as a major motion picture soon and are absolutely amazing!
Bastiste Mini Dry Shampoo- Set Of Three
This is a simple gift for anyone who loves these hairsprays! Even if the gift receiver has never used this hair product, I use the full size kind and it is a life saver for a bad hair day! I found these at Urban Outfitters.
Disposable Camera
I got my friend, John, one for secret Santa and he absolutely loves it! These kind of cameras are just fun to use and give off a sort of 2005 feel (if you are into that).
I constantly tell my friends that socks are the best presents because to be honest, they really are. I mean not only do they keep your feet warm, but they come in all different kinds!

Happy Holidays!

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