Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things You Must See: November

By far, my favorite music video released last month would have to be Carrie Hope Fletcher's video for her original song, "The Way We Were". The entire video is incredibly dreamy and just so beautiful. Carrie looks absolutely gorgeous as usual and the entire setting captures the beauty in Fall. People can also relate to the entire video and song plot extremely well. My favorite part of the entire video (which was produced by Alex Day) was instead of her hiring people to portray her friends in the video, she used her own YouTube buddies such as Tom Law, Dodie Clark, Benjamin Cook, Alex Day, Jack Howard, and others.
Though I haven't been reading much lately (that's a first), I just want to make a quick statement on how Alex Day is meant to come out with his first ever novel by the end of the year. The title is completely spacing my brain at the moment but it is a non fiction book about the London underground stories which to me, sounds extremely interesting.
One of the best movies that I have seen lately was the one and only Bling Ring. Not only did Emma Watson do a fantastic job, but the entire film was incredibly interesting and almost funny in a way. I found that it gave a really amazing look into the case and made you really think about the robbers as people. The end is not doubt my favorite part now (this contains spoilers) when Emma Watson's character, Nikki, lies about not being a part of the crime and basically calls her friends pathetic. It really touched me on how a girl could just throw her friends under the bus to save her reputation and I kept that ending scene in my head for days.
Television and YouTube
Here I am yet again to talk about another YouTube series. Project Library is could possibly be one of the funniest yet dramatic shows on YouTube. The series staring YouTube stars such as Jack Howard and Matt, follows a library that is so close to closing down that it resorts to a man who checked out a book that is worth a million dollars in fines. This show could possibly be the definition of "that escalated quickly" in that it goes from a phone call about returning the book titled "Rory The Dinosaur" to people coming in with guns to get the fines. Yeah it is pretty ridiculous and that is what I find they are going for and what makes it so good.

Happy November!

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