Monday, November 4, 2013


I wore my favorite long black skirt from Forever21 and a black tee shirt that I got thrift. Last weekend I got the under layers of my hair dyed red which I personally looks awesome for I wear so much black. My hair was also blown out so thats why it looked so good this week.
OK OK don't judge me for wearing the same skirt I wear on Monday. I really love it. With it, I wore a Never Shout Never band tee that I got from my favorite thrift store. For makeup, I changed it up as bit (as if anyone cared) by wearing darker eyeshadow.
For wednesday, I ended up going with a tight fitting black top that my favorite aunt designed. I really like this shirt for on the top, there are small cutouts to give it more personality. For bottoms, I wore a pair of Ramones leggings I got from Hot Topic.
Halloween! To school, I wore a black crop top from H&M with a black tank from Target since we aren't allowed to show about anything at school. I also wore a short skirt with a gold zipper in the back also from H&M.
Since my friend, Frannie, was being Dorothy, I went as the scarecrow also from The Wizard Of Oz. To do this, I wore a flannel that was my Grandpa's, a black tank from Target, a pair of Forever21 shorts that I tucked the tank into, and grey tights. For makeup, I basically drew a couple hashtags on my face in brown eyeliner and a lot of badge makeup.
This post could also be titled "Ann Wears The Same Pieces Of Clothing" for I wore my grandpa's flannel which I tied loosely over a black tank and the same skirt I wore on Thursday. Good job Ann. For my hair, I wore a dark purple flower crown I got at Forever21.

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