Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Extra: The Moon's Best Dun

If I were to make a full out list of intelligent young you tubers, Steinunn from the channel, The Moon's Best Dun, would have to be the first person I would add. This fourteen year old girl also known as "The Girl Who Never Sleeps" is not only extremely insightful but just so creative and different than about any other person I have seen on YouTube. On top of it all, Steinunn is an extremely lovely person and was just so sweet to let me waste her time and ask her a couple questions! 

-What made you start a YouTube channel?
There are loads of reasons why I originally started my youtube channel, I've always been into filming and generally sharing stories and my own opinions, youtube is a great platform to combine these things. Another reason is that I have been watching youtubers for quite a while, I think I came across Charlie McDonnel when I was 10 or 11 years old and completely fell in love with the world of vloggers.
Charlie Mcdonnell got me into vloggers too! It was also around the same age as me that you were opened up to the world of vloggers ;) 

- have "Blogger Buddies" being a blogger myself. Do you have any Youtuber friends that you have met through Youtube?
Over the time I've been on youtube I have met some of the most amazing people I have talked to. I don't call my youtube friends "youtube" friends anymore because they are just as close to me as my friends from school. Most day's I come home and talk to other youtubers, have a quick skype or a little chat on facebook. Being able to meet people from around the world has really changed my life and I couldn't be more happy about the things youtube has given me.

-What vloggers would you say you look up to?
To name all the vloggers I look up to would take ages considerating there are so many amazing content creators out there. One of my favorites at the moment is Jackvslife. He manages to combine talking ad film in such a great way. Other people you should defenetly check out are people like Adam Borman (thatoctagon), grimbleism, Louis Cole (FunForLouis), Ollie (olliem97) and especially LordLouielou. There are so many more people that I could name but theses are people I have been enjoying a lot lately!

-This is extremely irrelevant to the subject of you tubing, but I love your haircut. What made you want to cut your hair in such an edgy way?
Well  I really don't know, I guess I wanted a change and I didn't want to fit the steriotype of a 13 year old girl with long blonde hair. i've always had quite short hair, it's just  thing I like. When I first cut my hair most people liked it but there were a few times I got teased for it so at a point of time I really regretted it but I think I'm happy I did it. We all need to realize people aren't all the same, you don't know why their hair is short and you don't know why are how they are. Let's just all embrace the different.

-What would you say your goals with your channel are?

At first, when I started my youtube channel I wished I would become a "big" youtuber. Not anymore, right now I'm enjoying youtube as it is, it's always great to gain subscribers but that's not the most important thing, I stay on youtube because it's my hobby and my friends are there. So my goals are to improve my videos and meet more people. 
Your goals for your YouTube channel are a lot similar to when I started How Fitting. I wanted to be the biggest blogger possible but now I'm pretty happy here being a mildly popular online magazine.

-What opportunities have you had since you started your channel?
I've had the opportunity to meet people around the world, talk, collab and make friends. I have had the chance to make video's that hundreds of  people will see and even though sometimes i feel like that number is small, if I would try to fit every single one of my subscribers into my house, it would be bloody hard!

-So you are a part of the collab channel, The Fabulous Few, how did you decide you wanted to be a part of a collab? Is it harder having to make videos for your own channel and for The Fabulous Few?
yes, yes I am indeed. It hasn't been going as well as we wished because everyone has been quite busy but we plan on getting it on track again soon, It's harder to make 2 videos than one, obviously. but I think it's good for me to get the practice.

-As you probably know, about every Youtuber has been shipped with at least one person. Have you ever been shipped?

I have indeed! i've been shipped with my best friend stan (stanearls on youtube) but it's all for fun :)

-If you watch the channel Crabstickz, you would have heard of when Chris Kendall said he was "quitting YouTube". In the video, he described how fake some Youtubers were. What do you think of that video?
I absolutely love that video, with youtube there follows stress and attitude. I think almost no youtuber really acts how they are in real life and It's very easy to understand that. You choose to show your best side and the one you want people to see! I would actually sometimes consider myself a totally different person online but that's because I am not as confident around the people I know in school and I don't feel as accepted there. 

Big thanks to Steinunn for letting me ask her a couple questions!

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