Monday, November 11, 2013


I wore my favorite Bring Me The Horizon tank that I got on sale at Hot Topic and Ramones leggings I got on clearance also at Hot Topic. In my hair I wore a yellow flower crown I got at Forever21 though I make most of my own flower crowns.
Since election day was Tuesday, I just sat in my pajamas all day but on Wednesday, I wore a Pierce The Veil tank with a black tank top I got from Forever21. On the bottom, I wore a short black skirt from H&M.
We had the day off for some teacher convention so I went to the supermarket in town (whoa I am just so cool) with my friend, Frannie, to buy ingredients for lunch. I wore my My Chemical Romance tee that I got at Hot Topic (all band shirts this weeks!) with the same skirt I wore on Wednesday. I then pushed the left side of my hair back with a headband and flipped my fringe over to the right.


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