Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monthly Fashion Bible: November (Lazy Edition)

OK OK I realize I was supposed to do a fashion bible but I am seriously unprepared and stressed out about the impending Nanorimo (I have to outline my novel) and just so I am going to show you pictures of pretty girls wearing pretty things and just I have written three posts in the past two hours and I am too tired to function and just OK.
I seriously have a thing for crosses to the point where I wish my family was christian so I could wear them without people like wanting to throw rocks at me for not being a part of their religion or something and being a wannabe (what am I even talking about?). This girl's hair is also straight up gorgeous. I am usually not that into dying your entire head unnatural colors but I seriously find her long, purple, ombre to be gorgeous.
My friend described this as "pink goth" which sounds about right. I seriously love how her dress is very short while the outfit still looks conservative for some reason. I am just head over heels in love with her hair and flower crown too.
This is my latest favorite picture. I love how vintage they look yet have a dash on modern in their outfits. The girl on the right's cat tattoo is also totally rad.
At the Tavi Gevinson thing, I met a girl who did her hair like this and I absolutely love it. If my hair was still long, I would absolutely copy this style.
Pictures from Tumblr
Frannie's outfit was adorable. 

OK OK so a couple weeks ago, I told some seventh grader that I liked his glasses and then this happened and just I don't even know... Like I am so exhausted and just I am about to pass out how tired I am...

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