Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Spooked You

With Halloween just a few days before one of my favorite nights of the year, I'd like to share some of my all time favorite Halloween themed things with you!
I think we all saw this one coming but Matthew Gray Gubler's song, "What Are You Going To Be For Halloween", is one of the best things ever. I love how Matthew barely ever addresses it either anymore and it's just kind of there. The lines are also gold- my all time favorites being:
"Got to pick those costumes. I pick mine in February." and "It's time to dress up and scare yourself." the whole "weeeee" thing is also a gem.

♥One of my all time favorite movies in general is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas but it also works as my favorite halloween and Christmas film. The soundtrack is also A+ and even though I'm not crazy about them anymore, Panic At The Disco's cover of "This Is Halloween" is pretty awesome.

♥I have been a fan of duo Jack and Dean for quite awhile (I even have the bragging rights that Dean Dobbs once retweeted my post about "Consent") and their latest ghost themed skit was one of the best Halloween YouTube videos I've seen.

♥OK I realize how much everyone must be done with Matthew on here but no need to fear because this combines another person super duper cool! Edgar Allan Poe! A few years ago, Gubes did a recording of a bunch of Poe Poems (POEms because I'm really creative and funny) and one of them was the short story, The Tell Tale Heart, which is spooky and is really done so you should listen to it. 

♥One of my all time favorite things on TV during the Halloween season is the ongoing Tree House Of Horror. This year's was pretty weird and the last part of the third one was awesome. 

I also have a really lame Halloween playlist that is kind of a sorry excuse but has all the cheesy songs you could possibly want- Spooky Scary
Happy Halloween from Matthew and I! (oh and did you hear he won best actor at Screamfest because that happened…)

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