Friday, October 3, 2014

You're Worse Than The Janoskians

   Judging by the somewhat unprofessional title, you can tell I'm not the biggest fan of You Tube's trashiest boy band, The Janoskians, but wait! Unlike some annoying fan girl, I have actual reasoning behind why this group is awful and you guessed it! It's because of the craze of them being called "feminists" and helping with anti-fat shaming. So really this post could be called "Why The Janoskians Aren't Feminists and In Fact Haven't Helped Anything Within The Body Positivity Section" but I don't think it has the same ring to it.
     As I said, I would hate The Janoskians regardless of wether or not they were known for promoting body positivity when they really didn't but that would be a rather awful and pointless post to write whereas when I keep it within this section I believe it stays more topical to How Fitting. In May of last year, the boy band released a music video for their latest single, "Real Girls Eat Cake", and that is where I believe it all began. Let's just talk about the lyrics for a second. The first verse basically objectifies woman calling them a "fucking dipshit" (because we all love that). The chorus goes onto saying some actually cool things such as "I don't need a girl to worry about her thigh gap" and "When you're with me you can be who you want" (we can just ignore how uncreative it was written and how bad the tune is). The second verse happens with more uncreative and stupid lyrics such as talking about how sexy their mom is and then the bridge comes on with just "real girls real girls real girls eat cake" (couldn't they have thought of anything better?) and it finally comes to a close.
    I am all for body positivity in the media- especially within people as famous as The Janoskians doing something but this song did none of that. If you pay attention to the girls in the actual music video, none of them are large or curvy- oh wait! There was one big girl but she was used as a comical piece of being the gross one no one wanted to be around. Dear Janoskians, if real girls eat cake then why do all the girls in your music video look like they don't eat anything? Before I begin getting comments on how I need to "lighten up" or I'm taking this too seriously, I would like to flat out say that in no way am I tearing apart this "band" for my personal enjoyment. I really do believe young men with a large group of teenage girls watching their every move need to promote things like this in a fair and right way. Why was it that every "sexy" girl portrayed in this video was a size zero model? If I don't need to worry about my thigh gap why couldn't you have cast young women without one?
    If you thought this video was bad, you haven't seen their recent gem, "That's What She Said". If the song isn't enough sad trash (again bad lyrics, no real meaning, just five guys being extraordinary stupid and untalented). I found the music video pretty fucking offensive. The video is set on a beach where the five guys are lifeguards and as expected, there is no shortage of hot, skinny, girls in bikinis but don't worry! There is one curvy girl being portrayed as this gross, fat, and crazy woman who is obsessed with one of the members so I mean they casted one larger person so it's all good right? Nope. How are these boys considered good role models when they are objectifying women and shaming them for their bodies? Why have they portrayed curvy girls as these funny and insane people while the skinny women get to be the love interests? The only thing they are doing is harm- this doesn't make me feel OK about my body.
    The the quintet doesn't stop with their music videos. The boys have been known to call their audience (who have payed hundreds of dollars to see these pieces of shit) "sluts" and comment on their bodies like they are discussing pieces of meet saying things such as "The girl in the front has such nice tits" and "Some of you girls at the meet and greet had the best asses." because it's just awesome to be objectified! They are also know for some really cool pranks such as pretending to jerk off in public, screaming profanities in public places around young children, and telling underage girls that their boobs are hot so what's not to love about them?
   To wrap this up, The Janoskians are really just assholes who have zero talent and I refuse to even consider them as part of the body positivity community.

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