Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Favorites

Wow I guess I just totally forgot it was October or something like that but I never made a favorites list of September- welcome to How Fitting guys; in which Ann can't even remember what month it is.
♥Gossip Girl
I don't know if I've told you guys this but have the most embarrassing love for Gossip Girl. I don't even think it's the show that I have such a passion for- just the mystery of Gossip Girl and therefor I have watched five whole seasons (I have one more to go!) just to figure out who this person is. I believe this is getting a little unhealthy though- I began freaking out when all my friends looked up the identity of Gossip Girl and hung it over my head for the rest of the night.

  A couple weeks ago, YouTube sensations, Dan and Phil, made a gaming channel that has become one of my favorite gaming places on the internet- I especially like their Sims videos since I am quite the fan of that series.

♥As It Is
   OK I have been pretty obsessed with british band, As It Is, for months now but they recently got signed to one of my favorite record labels, Fearless Records, which is completely mental! Lead singer, Patty Walters, made a video here that I would completely recommend you watching. They are also the first UK band to even join the record label which is impressive enough in itself. 

   I was recently rummaging through my mom's closet when I found I full on treasure trove of leather jackets- they can make about any one of my outfits look badass and I feel an endless amount of power wearing leather.

♥Also this glorious video
It just addresses everything that is messed up about Sam Pepper's "social experiment" in the best way possible 
I'm sorry for how awful this post must have been but I did want to bring up the five things in here so I hope you have a happy October and maybe I won't forget what month it is next time.

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