Friday, October 24, 2014

Birthdays Are Fun Fun Fun

So two weeks ago I turned fifteen! Last Friday, I hosted a fairy princess party and got some wonderful gifts from my lovely friends that I'd like to share with you guys!
   Ok so I am very very very obsessed with the Scott Pilgrim series and have had my eye on the color editions for months because they are the most gorgeous things ever so for my birthday, Sam bought me Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life and Scott Pilgrim vs The World  which was the nicest thing ever and made me so happy because reading the books in color is a much better experience and wow I love them so much. I also believe the best line was Sam's mom who asked "So Ann is turning 15 right?" when buying these.
   My friends, Caroline and Monica, got me these and the immediate thing I said when opening these was "you know me so well!" I am such a huge fan of Parks and Recreation and getting me Nick Offerman's book was so awesome of them- Zombies Have Issues was also a rather great read.

   My grandma got me this one (there is a common theme of books) and so far, I'm loving this. It's a collection of women who talk about special pieces of clothing they own and I think it's just so interesting.

  My friend, Clara got me these (both from Lush) along with my favorite bath bomb ever, the dragon's egg, (I forgot to take a picture). So far, I've used the bath bomb pictured below which is super duper awesome and sparkly so what more could you ask for? I'm yet to use the shower gel though because I want to save that but it smells like wonderfulness.

Ava gave me an Alice In Wonderland watch necklace which is so lovely because I love love love big necklaces and a shirt of my favorite band, All Time Low (I had my eye on this one in Hot Topic). I've worn the necklace twice now and am yet to wear the tee but I'm excited to find an outfit for this.

I got this gorgeous necklace from Adison- it is so pretty and I love pairing it with bigger necklace on top. I don't own nearly enough tiny pieces like this and really love it. 

Jules gave me this card and wow it is just so awesome- the back and front are covered in tumblr valentines and pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler (including a huge "not shrine" to him on the inside). This was beyond sweet of her to make!

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