Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Favorite Products For Damaged Hair

   As most of you may know, I am guilty dying my hair since about fifth grade along withe excessively straightening and using other heat products towards it. Though I'm not willing to give up my dye and straight hair, I have been taking pretty good hair of my tresses since they have become rather disgusting (trust me, you don't want to touch my hair) and I am aware they will never be perfectly healthy, I'm trying to grow it out and not go bald so that means I've collected quite a treasure trove of different hair care products that help me keep the dye and straightening while still preserving health in my locks.

♥Not Your Mother's "Beat The Heat Shield Spray" 
(Target, Ulta, basically anywhere that sells hair products)
   One of my favorite hair product brands in the whole world is Not Your Mother's for their products aren't only for girls with straight or mildly curly hair but are extremely versatile- my hair is three textures so I mean it when I say a product is awesome. I just started using this whenever I straighten my hair along with three other products (shown later in the post) and it has worked better than most of the other sprays I have tried out. Unlike any other heat protectant, this shield spray gives a better hold on the straightening and keeps it in for much longer than usual. It also helps that it smells super good.

♥It's A Ten "Miracle Leave In"
(Target, salons, etc)
   Other than the shield spray, this is one of my all time favorite straightening (and heat in general) products. It's A Ten has an awesome texture that is more creamy than others and therefor provides a better and smoother straightening process. It also has keratin infused into it which is super good for your hair and is a much better alternative than spending hundreds of dollars on a keratin treatment. 

♥Garnier "Sleek and Shine Flat Iron Perfecter"
(Target, etc)
    Though I wasn't a huge fan of this spray at first, it does seem to do a pretty Ok job. When I use it, I'll first put my heat shield on first and then spray It's A Ten- this is probably because my hair is a stubborn bitch but I wouldn't recommend you using just this to straighten your hair. Though it isn't all that strong, this product does have a nice after shine that lasts about two days that is super nice and pretty. 

♥Not Your Mothers "Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo"
(Target, etc)
   Though I shower every day, I can't afford to wash my hair too so I usually end up only really cleaning my hair twice a week. Though I am super lucky my hair barely produces any oil, I still want it to be somewhat not so gross so this dry shampoo is a life saver. I've tried other products like this (such as Bastite which is a load of shit) and every other dry shampoo is all too flaky and sprays too much out whereas this doesn't leave any white spots nor does it flake and fall out whenever I touch my hair. 

♥Bed Head "Control Freak" conditioner
   Bed Head is one of my all time favorite brands for hair products and this shampoo is a lifesaver. It basically eliminates frizz when I wash it out and makes the straightening process quicker, and easier. One downside to it is that this conditioner has the worst smell ever but once you get past that, it's really lovely.

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