Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   Finally, YouTube vlogger and singer, Bryarly Bishop, released her first ever album, Bryarly, on Friday and wow I'm so happy with it. It opens up with "Daedelus" which started off pretty cute of her talking and then going into the upbeat song. It has a steady beat in the verses that's catchy and I overall liked it. The pre choruses were more fast paced than everything else and I thought that was fun too. "Find Your Love" is next up and I think this was more like her previous work- it has a soft guitar pluck in the beginning and there is a pretty call and answer in the chorus line. I wasn't that into this one since I just thought the lyrics weren't nearly as good as they could be- the bridge also kind of annoyed me (I have no idea why). Though the second track wasn't what I was hoping for (you can never have an album full of amazing songs), "Working Steady" definitely redeemed it. I believe this is one of my favorites since it has such a nice piano and poppy beat in the background. Her vocals are also just awesome- she riffs her voice in the pre-chorus also I thought the "I never know what to say, I never know what to do." part was real fun to unconsciously sing along to. Bryarly also added some jazz within the bridge which was unexpected and the last chorus was angelic- she is insane. Onto my favorite song off the entire album, "Trigger Warning", I didn't really understand it's beauty at first but once you hear it again, it definitely clicks. There is this soothing jazzy instrumental going on that makes everything more powerful as she sings about being taken advantage of "did you imagine that a kiss contains a promise I caress and I owe you? Did you imagine that to stop was a suggestion…" Also, the ending of the song is just so perfect- her voice gets so thick as she belts it out and put me in awe. "In The Bright Daylight" was next and I just need to comment on how she didn't do the cliche rhymes she could have done and instead put more complex lyrics and talks about missing someone though she's trying to get over it. The song is calm and only has a guitar and a steady drum beat and God damn her voice has so much emotion. You can actually make out pain in there and it made a simple song so much more. The sixth track was "Making A Break" which is another one I really enjoyed. It starts out calm but builds up at the pre chorus and the refrain is awesome as she almost growls out some of the lines- I don't understand how she does these things while still sounding like a goddess. "Sleepless" comes on next and though I wasn't all that big on the sound itself I do give it to Bryarly for showing off how high her voice can go- I didn't like it very much for I thought it sounded more like a lullaby than anything and got sort of boring since it is literally the same plucking pattern the entire way through. "Oxygen" starts off with a synth like beat as she gets into it and I like how Bryarly just kind of appeared into the song out of nowhere- her voice gets low and high and higher and wow even higher and has operatic pieces that you wouldn't think work but somehow, she pulls it off. It's really weird how well it fit in actually. Another one I really really liked was "What We Want" since it sounded slightly like "Get Your Head In The Game" from High School Musical for some reason but then her voice gets really high and then what where did Watsky come from. OK I do have to take some time to admit to my Watsky phase which is really awful and embarrassing and though I think he is slight sad trash, he did fit in with the song and I'm not going to hold it against her since it was a really catchy and fun song. The album finishes off with the soft "Dear John". The song is pretty and just soft and lovely- it wasn't my favorite but I thought it was a good ending song.
   All in all, I am SO proud of Bryarly Bishop for this album! The one thing I am disappointed of is that she didn't add "Eros" since it was one of my overall favorite songs for months and I wanted to hear it nicely produced (though it will be on the EP).
Update: So the queen herself, Bryarly Bishop, tweeted me! I was reminded that I'm a total dingus and didn't add links to her music 
*You can also get it on iTunes under "Bryarly" I just was too lazy to add that one in

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