Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Notes Notes Notes

   Hello there! I am going to start this post off saying that this month is a little hectic and my anxiety has been pretty terrible over the past couple days because of it. To start off, NJASK is weeks away. WEEKS. For those of you who have not heard me complain enough, I am taking a supplementary math class because I didn't past the standardized test last year. I have already decided for myself that I absolutely do not want this to happen in high school so that means having to pass this year.
   Onto a more exciting topic, I have applied to the Norstrom BP Bloggers Board! I got an email about last week from them recognizing my application and telling me they'd be giving me a date for my interview with them by May 2. This means that throughout this month, I have to work on my fashion project for them. For my own fashion project, I am making a look book of my inspirations and what I like about certain outfits. I am trying to make this as perfect as possible for getting this job means a whole lot to me.
   This month's note focuses around how busy and anxious I have gotten just to warn you guys that if I disappear from the Internet throughout April, you will know where I have gone!
Happy April,


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