Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Your Loss If You Want To Love Me

♥Kellin Quinn skirt: Hot Topic
♥Cardigan: thrift
(OK so I felt really gorgeous that day and have like fifty pictures of myself on my laptop now)

Passover (same night)
♥Top: consignment
♥Leggings: thrift
♥Socks: Target

♥Harry Potter tee: Hand me down (Maggie)
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment
♥Socks: Target
Shoes: Doc Martens
♥Earrings: Xcessory

♥Top: Zumiez
♥Skirt: Love Couture
♥Socks: Target (I wear like the same pair of socks everyday.)
♥Shoes: The same Doc Martens I literally wear everyday

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