Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Favorites

Hey babes! Here are some of my favorite things from last month (warning: most of it has to do with the one and only, Matthew Gray Gubler.)
One of my favorite websites from March would have to be Hello Giggles. I really like how it is set up and has an extremely wide variety of comedy and the people who write and make videos on it.
I have been trying to get around to reading This Star Won't Go Out for awhile now and couldn't be more happy that I finally did last month. The biography follows Ester Grace Earl, a girl diagnosed with cancer. Not only is she such a memorable and beautiful person, but I really loved the unique perspective you really see. It's heartbreaking and rather interesting to see things through the eyes of a young teen with a terrible disease and how she copes. Another thing that made me fall in love was how the book was put together. All 431 pages are made up of photographs, interviews, diary entires, and letters which really gave the reader a look into the life of this girl. This novel is beautiful, heart wrenching, and just so well written.
-From this point on, the post went down into a rant about things I love having to do with Matthew Gray Gubler. I am very sorry.-
Do audio books count as music? Lets go with it. In 2013, my husband Matthew Gray Gubler, recorded himself reading two Edgar Allen Poe classics, Annabel Lee and The Tell Tale Heart. I recently listened to them over again and I have just realized how absolutely perfect they are. Gubler being an actor, does a fantastic job at reading with a voice and really keeping the listener engaged. I think he did especially well in Tell Tale Heart for he really did sound psychotic to the point where I was even a bit scared. Even if you aren't a fan of Poe, I guarantee you will love these recordings.
I believe the value of this blog just goes up whenever I talk about Matthew. I am not usually one to laugh out loud at something I see on TV or on the Internet so when I began watching "Matthew Gray Gubler The Unauthorized Documentary". I have spent the past ten minutes trying to figure out how to describe this web series to you but I don't think there is a way to with doing it any justice. To sum up my feelings towards it, this mockumentary was probably one of the funniest things I have seen lately. If you are super rad and interested in checking it out, you can click here!
Happy April!

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  1. Ooh ill definetly check out hello giggles! Im so proud to meet another Gubloid! I never knew he did an audio book i must check that out too.