Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beauty Product Reviews

   I have been trying out a lot of different beauty products and decided why not share them with you guys?
   The first product I'm going to talk about is "Sleek and Shine Flat Iron Perfecter" by Garnier Fructis. This is supposed to protect your hair from heat damage and I decided to try it out for I was running low on "It's A Ten" and wasn't going to be going to the salon to get more for a couple weeks. I applied it to every layer of my hair before I straightened it and though it did what seemed like the job, it did make my hair feel a little sticky afterwards. I thought this flat iron protector was OK but I would like it if it would spray a less amount of liquid for I ended up with extremely sticky gross feeling hair for a couple minutes after straightening. Though this is a cheaper alternative for "It's A Ten", it doesn't do nearly as well.

  The next hair product is also a heat protectant. My hair has been very unhealthy and damaged for the past couple months due to my excessive straightening and though "It's A Ten" is amazing, I needed something a little stronger so I tried out the "Intensive Hair Repair Masque" by Salon Grafix. To apply this, I took a shower first, and then spread it from my scalp to roots on all layers of my hair (which there are about a million of). I then combed my hair and waited fifteen minutes (you're supposed to wait 3-15 minutes depending on how much hair you have). I then rinsed the product out and I could immediately tell the difference. This made my hair feel much more soft and thin and I'd recommend this 100% to anyone with damaged hair.

Next, I tried out
"Evercurl Conditioner" by L'Oreal. As I said. my hair is extremely damaged from all the dying and heat I've put it through so I've been trying to cut down on the amount of times I straighten and blow dry it. To do so, I have been looking into ways of wearing my hair naturally without getting an Afro. It was somewhat OK though it smelled pretty gross and the bottle was driving me crazy for it only pumps out a bit at a time and I have a ton of hair so I needed a LOTS of it. I swear to God I spent more time wrestling with the bottle to get more out than actually washing my hair. Other than that, the final product was pretty good. My hair looks rather big but it's extremely soft (that might be from the hair repair though) and fluffy. I am not sure if I could ever wear this on a regular basis but it does look better than I expected. I think I'd recommend this to someone with longer hair for mine looks like a pretty fluffy afro right now.

  Wow yet another flat iron hair product. Since my hair always looks a little dull after straightening, I decided why not try out "Quenched Mineral Moisture Shimmering Replenisher" by OGX? I am also going to confess at this point that I mostly deiced to go for it because the bottle was pretty. Last week when I straightened my hair, I tried it and the first thing I noticed was how disgusting it smelled. Other than the stench it gave off, it actually worked pretty well and made my just straightened hair much shinier and it ended up looking a lot healthier than it ever will be.

  If any of you have ever seen my natural hair texture, you will know how insanely frizzy it can get. I have been using products such as Frizz Ease for years but I have come to not really like texture of it also it has started to make my hair feel quite greasy. I found "Garnier Fructis: Sleek Shine Anti Frizz Serum" at Walgreens a week ago and decided to test it out. The texture is a little thinner than Frizz Ease which was what I was looking for. It did make my hair feel a little greasy though I only used a bit.

My all time favorite type of lipstick are Clinique Chubby Sticks. I right now only have two (Voluptuous Violet and Super Strawberry) and have been looking into investing in another. When I was at Rite Aid last week, I did end up finding "Revlon Color Burst: Honey Douce". I was drawn to it for this lip balm has the same shape as the chubby stick containers. Though the chubby sticks obviously being better quality than a drug store lipstick, I say it did a pretty good job. The texture is about right and though it doesn't last as long as the Clinique, it didn't come off too quickly. The color was also real nice. What I was looking for was a more blush colored pink since all my other lipsticks are very intense and darker shaded but I like how there is a hint of fuchsia in it. 
Ok Sally Hansen's "Mint Sorbet" is my new favorite nail color no doubt. Though I am absolute rubbish at doing my own fingernails, I love using this pastel nail polish.

Those were just some of the newest products I have been trying out over the past couple weeks. See you Friday!


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