Friday, April 4, 2014

A Quick Talk About "Criminal Minds"

 It all started off with a fanfic. I usually stick to stories of my own fandoms but the plot seemed pretty OK and I had already read most of the good ones on the website. Long story short, I fell in love. The particular story I read really focused in on Dr. Spencer Reid and Agent Rossi which was pretty interesting and felt such strong feelings towards Spencer even though I hadn't even watched the show before and really did not know much about him. I did like how he was portrayed in the story so I figured to get a better understanding of what I was reading, I should watch an episode of the show. I  wanted to see Rossi and Reid interacting so I chose one from season three. 
   Though "Minimal Loss" is certainly not the best one, it was definitely enough to get me addicted so I naturally had to go all the way back to the first season and go from there. Since then, I have now hit season four and seriously cannot stop. Though the crimes the BAU solves are fascinating I really think my love for this show rests mainly in the characters. Every single one is likable in their own way. Penelope Garcia is bubbly and funny but she has this side in which she's insecure about herself. Derek Morgan will do anything to protect the ones around him yet doesn't seem to trust anyone. Emily Prentiss went from a desk job to solving crimes at the lowest levels of humanity yet she always seems unfazed by it. JJ is pregnant and trying to work things out with her fiancé, Will, and has this motherly feel towards everyone in the BAU. David Rossi has been an agent for years now and made many mistakes along the way. Aaron Hotchner is trying to work things out with his wife, Hayley but refuses to quit his job to lead a normal life with her and his baby, Jack. And then there's Spencer Reid. Over the past couple seasons, I have fallen in absolute love with not only the character but Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor who plays him. Spencer is extremely socially awkward yet can get angry and over defensive easily. He's constantly worrying about others which is absolutely adorable too. Don't even get me started on Matthew though. Not only is he one of the most creative and talented people out there, he is just so sweet and amazing. He always seems like he's having the best day ever and is constantly smiling. He's also so dedicated to his fans and really seems to love what he is doing (I could go on but this needs it's own post no doubt). 
   To wrap this up before I go on a full out rant, "Criminal Minds" is no doubt one of my favorite shows and it includes, riveting plots, relatable and interesting characters, and an awesome cast.

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