Sunday, April 27, 2014

BP Fashion Board and Crime Shows

   Hey babes! The past couple weeks have been pretty busy for two weeks ago was Passover and then last week was spring break and I was spending most of my time working on my Nordstrom BP Fashion Board fashion project and binge watching crime shows. In other words, no I have not died.
   My Nordstrom fashion project was a pretty rushed one since I got an email saying I had an interview in four days! In the end though, my look book actually turned out a hundred times better than I expected and I was real satisfied with it (thanks to Vivi and her mom, Sandra). My interview was on Friday and let me start this story by telling you I looked pretty adorable in a BP sweater, Forever21 plaid skirt, and white knee socks (there will be a picture of it in my outfits post). I was pretty anxious walking in but in the end, I think I did pretty well and can't wait to hear back next week.
   Another thing I blame my absence on is the fact that "White Collar" and "Criminal Minds" exist. OK I realize how extraordinarily stupid it must sound, but crime shows are my new favorite thing. I have been sticking to only two different ones so far but I think it has gotten to the point of this obsession being a problem. "White Collar" has left me with a new found love for Matt Bomer (seriously who DOESN'T have a love for Matt Bomer) and the entire show makes me feel uncomfortable in a way for whenever they make a joke I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cringe at how bad it is. I think the main word to describe my feelings towards "White Collar" is serious confusion for I can't exactly tell if the show is really really good or extremely terrible (it probably is awful but Neal Caffrey has gotten me hypnotised into becoming obsessed with it). Then there's "Criminal Minds" which I have only been watching for a couple weeks and I am more than half way caught up. I no doubt prefer CM over "White Collar" any day just because the crimes are so much more interesting. I am a person who is scared by about everything yet I somehow find a great amount of interest in the rather disturbing murders the BAU handle while it can only get SO interesting dealing with forgery and theft in WC
. And don't get me started on Spencer Reid. I have not only in a passionate one sided relationship with the profiler but with Matthew Gray Gubler. There is just something about this man that makes me so happy.
    To wrap this up, I shall be posting regularly again and have missed this blog loads!

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